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We are a joinery company, proudly family owned, bringing all manner of  bespoke projects to life since 1995.

Our dedicated crew of 32 skilled artisans occupy a 36,000 sq ft fabrication facility comprising timber and veneer works, laminating, metalwork, spray lacquering and hand finishing. We utilise the latest in-house CNC and CAD/CAM workflow as a means of enhancing our productivity without deviating from our background of traditional craftsmanship.



Working seamlessly with high end contractors, architects and designers from concept & technical design to production and final installation, we see ourselves as an in-department extension of their organisations.

We assist designers in choosing the right materials for the required task whilst taking into consideration budget and quality parameters.

 Tailoring our approach to each client according to their requirements and sympathies makes us unique in an ever increasing world of impersonal systems and automated services.


A discrete work ethic, "attention to the discipline" and having the privilege of working with inspiring people from varied walks of life has always been a source of great pride for us.  


Classic, Period or Modern, whatever the lines, we strive to achieve that hand finished excellence unique to true bespoke.

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